Education is the bedrock of humanity. Learning about our roots and culture is necessary for a holistic development and cultural understanding. In our endeavor to foster this belief and help in providing education to children in rural India, we have stated a pilot project in village Basoli, Uttar Pradesh.

Transforming abandoned schools by redeveloping them and implanting necessary material and infrastructure is one of the many ways this pilot project has taken wings. The foundation is also working with two-three schools in different capacities as we aim to instill a culture of value-based vedic education system. Creating equal opportunities and providing easy access to primary education resonates with our ethos. And in lieu of this, we are also providing free education to socially and economically weaker sections of the district of Baghpat.

An endeavor that is bound to benefit the society, the foundation understands how important it is for children to continue going to school. Especially after the pandemic, when the economically weaker section was gravely impacted and children dropping out of schools, it becomes our responsibility to create avenues for these children to continue studying.

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